When Talking Real Estate, Information is the End Game. Your Information.

Lately there's been a lot of news about "hacking" and it's nothing new. For years, banks, financial institutions, websites, heck...even the IRS have been hacked. It's too early to know if this will ever be stopped because as technology to protect information gets better, so does the technology to steal it. Any time there is a real estate website offering a service one of the "keys to the Kingdom" is your information, and as much of it as possible. 

When we created, not only did we want to change the way to search for property, we wanted to change the rules regarding protecting your personal information. Since we know that our technology to protect your vital and private information is the same as that of everyone else, we decided to simplify things. So...what's the best way to protect your private information? Simple. Don't make it a requirement to register and use our website. Would anyone rob a house if they knew it was empty? It's kind of an oversimplified analogy, but guess what? It's spot on. 

Our site is 100% FREE for individual users, and the ONLY time we'll ever ask for your e-mail or phone number is if you decide you want to receive #notifications. If you don't, we provide EVERY user with a dedicated InBox that only requires a User Name and Password to activate. Best part? The User Name is the only thing anyone will EVER see in your direct correspondence. For Realtors┬«, Agents, Brokers, Title Closers, Lenders, and any Real Estate Industry professional who want to use to offer their services directly to potential Buyers or Sellers, the subscription cost is LESS than the cost of one stamp per day at $14.95 per month. NO contract, NO commitment, NO risk. And our commitment to keeping private and sensitive information private remains there as well. 

Now we know that Realtors┬« and Agents want their names and contact information visible, so when signing up there's a place for that information. However, when it comes time to subscribe we DO NOT want your private financial information, and because of that we DO NOT have an Online Store from which you "Add to Cart" or "Check Out". When you decide to subscribe, you are immediately re-directed to PayPal┬« to complete your subscription process because just like the personal information described above...your financial information is information we don't want, and we want you to be secure in the knowledge that it is housed with one of the most secure online vendors the World has ever known. We're different, and we know it. If you want to learn more, check us out or e-mail us direct at Don't feel like an e-mail, then give us a call at 1-833-647-HOME (4663). 

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