The Arrival of the "Non-Aesthetic" Home is Here!

The Arrival of the


Not everything in real estate has to be an emergency.  Not everything in real estate has to re-invent the wheel.  Something can be interesting for every reason, or none at all.  A recent trend that's been gaining steam is called the "non-aesthetic home" which is just another way of saying that not every home is like the ones we see on television or in advertising campaigns.  Homes are where we live, and whether it's a studio apartment or a luxury mansion, it's the place you call home. 

The underlying message is simply your home is yours, and no one else's, that's what makes it home.  Some folks are fanatical about cleanliness and making sure everything is in its' place, and that's cool!  Some are just not that hung up on it and a little clutter, maybe some toys lying around, or clothes hanging on a door or tossed in the corner is just as cool.  Every so often something in real estate trends like "non-aesthetic homes" for no real reason at all, and here at we think it's about as refreshing as anything we've seen.  Just sit back and enjoy!  

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