Could You Be paying for Utility Costs That Belong to Someone Else?

Could You Be paying for Utility Costs That Belong to Someone Else?

This is one of those articles we found here at that made us shake our heads and say "How have we never heard about this before?"  A young woman who had been renting in a multi-family building in Nashville for a few years was watching a video on TikTok and found one that gave her the same feeling we had. 

Apparently, the video showed how a user determined he'd been paying the wrong electric bill for three and-a-half years, and then helped the young woman named Baillie determine the same thing.  Her utility bill indicated her meter number was actually that of another unit for which she'd been paying their bills instead of her own for a few years as well.  Because the bills she was actually paying belonged to another occupant whose energy consumption was significantly higher, she is hopeful for a resolution by way of a refund from her Utility company.  "Baillie revealed she called the electric company and is expecting a call back on Wednesday or Thursday so that a representative from the company can visit the complex to take a look at the meters." 

The moral of this story is a simple one; don't take everything for granted because as human beings, mistakes WILL happen.  Sometimes at a simple, yet poignant human-interest story is worth more to many people, especially in times like this.  Make a few phone calls, and if you're not sure where or which one your meter is, the building management personnel or someone from your particular utility company can help make sure your money is being directed at only the energy you consume.  The more you know!

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