Can a Realtor® Sell Their Own Property? Sure Can!

Can a Realtor® Sell Their Own Property?  Sure Can!

As real estate heads further into a transition year, some of the properties that you may see for sale might even be owned by the Agent or Realtor® representing it!  It's not an everyday occurrence, but it's also not uncommon either and shouldn't be cause for any apprehension whatsoever.  One of the things we at believe is that no matter if you're a Buyer, Seller, Tenant, Landlord, Agent, or Realtor®, transparency is one of the most critical parts of the entire process. 

As we point out in our FAQ's on the website is that there is a requirement for a Realtor® to inform all parties to the transaction if they have any ownership interest as stated in Article 4 of The Code of Ethics.  A portion of that requirement reads as follows: "In selling property they own, or in which they have any interest, Realtors shall reveal their ownership or interest in writing to the purchaser or the purchaser's representative."  Now a common misconception is that all "Agents" are Realtors® and vice versa, but one does NOT have to be a Realtor® to be an Agent, as such disclosure requirements can vary from State to State regarding this type of disclosure.  Generally speaking, though, it's always a good idea for Agents who do not have the Realtor® designation to be as transparent as possible throughout any transaction to limit any potential liability as a result. 

Like anyone else, Realtors® (and Agents alike) have to manage this thing called life, and part of that will be to buy, sell, or rent a home for themselves so using their own services has obvious benefits!  Seasoned real estate professionals will typically adhere to the same advice and guidance they provide to their clients, and like all other parts of any transaction, transparency through the appropriate, and in many cases, required disclosures are a big part of that.

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