Is 2023 the Year We See 3D Printed Homes Make Waves?

Is 2023 the Year We See 3D Printed Homes Make Waves?

Nobody loves new ideas more than we do here at and although this is not "Brand new", the concept of 3D printed homes has not yet taken off here in the States, and we're kind of hoping it does!  There are many reasons for out hope and optimism, but the biggest is probably based in the logic that as 3D printed homes become more commonplace, they will be a major contributor toward the fight toward affordable housing.  With a few exceptions, when the Government wants to insert itself into the housing markets, the results have rarely been successful. 

This couldn't be more true than with the case for affordable housing, especially considering that this has been a goal since the Housing Act of 1949.  Fast forward 73 years and we 've arrived at historically high rents with no end in sight along with home prices that have had several decades worth of appreciation in about 2.5 years, and not because of a strong economy.  Now factor in decades high inflation, highest interest rates in 20 years, a perilous job market and a slumping economy, and that leaves you with the exact opposite recipe needed to help combat housing affordability.  The crisis of affordability cannot be pigeonholed into a short list of cause and effect, despite many efforts to do just that.  The combination of issues, or should we call them ingredients, include matters of economics, politics, policy, the three of which encompassing nearly every contributing factor.  Among the biggest issues that can delay an idea of 3D printed homes are more rooted in policy and politics than in the economics of the technology.   It's already cheaper in most cases to construct a home in this manner whether completely or in part, the latter being most prevalent for now. 

In order of this technology to become an "everyday" occurrence is going to be at the hands of politicians at the local, state, and Federal levels to reach that threshold.  Building codes will need to be examined and potentially revised, land use codes may need updating, federally backed lending will have to reflect some change, housing subsidies potentially re-aligned, and much more like this along the lines of policy.  We know this is not a "one size fits all" remedy for the future of affordable housing, but after 73 years of everything else having accomplished very little, isn't it time to make way for a new technology to join in the struggle? 

Much the same we say about and how we prefer to go about encouraging change...we never seek to abandon what's being done now, but if it's not effective for EVERYONE, then instead of replacing the current methods and hoping it works, how about simply adding to it so there's room for growth, change, competition, and most importantly an effort to invite as many as possible to the playing field!  With that in mind, we're not going to be extremists and say that "3D Building IS the Future of Housing" but were darn sure going to say that we hope that "3D Building should Play a Major Role in the Future of Housing!"  

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