Eviction Moratoriums Live on in Los Angeles

Eviction Moratoriums Live on in Los Angeles

This is how it starts.  Remember when there were eviction moratoriums implemented when covid first emerged on the scene?  In case you didn't know, the city of Los Angeles remains a place that has not only continued those moratoriums uninterrupted until now, has just extended them through the end of January of 2023.  The reason this time is more of the same as long as they claim some hardship related to COVID-19, but has now been expanded to include respiratory syncytial virus, or the flu.  In another swipe at landlords, the motion also prohibits tenants from evictions for causing nuisances or having unauthorized pets. 

To be clear, we do not think that the unreasonable treatment of tenants is acceptable under any circumstances, but this just seems to be a bridge too far especially considering the original expiration date was supposed to be May 31st, 2020.  Reading between the lines should indicate that the intention is that the January expiration is just buying additional time for a more significant extension (or extensions).  LA County Supervisor Hilda Solis stated that "The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated our housing crisis, and experts fear an 'eviction tsunami' is on the horizon if we don't take bold, swift action.  Our families need eviction protections for at least an additional six months." 

In addition to stripping away property rights of the Landlords and owners, there is also the potential of some unintended, but very predictable consequences.   How long before landlords faced with such Draconian efforts against them are going to begin selling these properties?  Once that occurs, and these properties are no longer tied to leases, which in many cases may not even exist, where then do the potential displaced tenants go?  Rental markets everywhere are overwhelmed, but if the possibility for a decrease in units in a city the size of Los Angeles occurs, things will go from bad to worse in a very short period of time.  If the adage that the road to hell is paved with good intentions, this could be a possible cover story!  Stay tuned.

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