Some Valuable Insight Shared from Five First-Time Home Buyers

Some Valuable Insight Shared from Five First-Time Home Buyers

It's safe to say that in almost every real estate transaction you'll learn something new, whether you're the Buyer or the Seller. The accompanying article focuses on five different first-time Buyers and their important takeaways and advice from things they learned along the way.  The easiest way for us to do this is to list each one of these observations with a brief comment to follow, but as we do in pretty much every other instance, we encourage you to read the attached article so you can also draw your own conclusions as well.

1) Finding the Right Place is Tough, But It's Worth the Effort:  Heck, that's one of the very reasons we create so we couldn't agree more!  All we're trying to provide is an additional way to find properties because sometimes the best deals are the ones no one else knows about!

2) Figure Out What You Can Afford in Real Life-In Real Time: Another bullseye, and to do this you'll be better able to get it right the first time with the help of industry professionals, so assemble your team wisely!  At the minimum your team should include a trusted Realtor® and Lender or Mortgage Broker.

3) It's OK to walk away from and Agent Who Isn't in Your Corner: If you've taken the time to review our site and read the FAQ's as it pertains to Agents and Realtors®, then you already know we agree wholeheartedly.  Your team should always represent YOUR interests first, not theirs.

4) You Can Do a Background Check on Your Dream Home: You can and should get as much information as is available at all times.  If it's not available in Public Records, don't give up just yet because they may be available if you ask your team to assist! The more you know...

5) Pre-Approval Can Really Give You and Edge: Not only that, in lots if cases and offer may not be considered without it!  Also, make sure you specify to your lender that you'd like a PRE-APPROVAL and not just a PRE_QUALIFICATION.  There's a difference, and the pre-approval carries a lot more clout and could literally be a difference maker!

Everyone has stories and advice, and here at we think the insight from everyone is important!  Good Luck!  #realestate #buyingrealestate #firsttimebuyers #sellingrealestate #propertyguerilla #realtor #lender #mortgagebroker #realestatesearch #agent #broker #realestatebroker

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