"Squeeze Pages" We HATE Them!

If you've read anything on our website, and especially in our FAQ's section, you'll see we do things a little differently.  First among them is your personal contact information.  How's that different you ask?  Simple. We don't want it, we don't need it, and we don't require it to use our website.  All real estate websites are designed with pretty much one thing in mind, and that is how to get you to provide your personal contact information and then consent to use it.  Sometimes this consent is given knowingly, other times it's not.  One of the easiest and most common methods is the use of a "Squeeze Page", which can be as simple and innocuous looking as the one shown here.  You start reading an article, a blog, or see an advertisement that catches your eye and begin to read or open it, and the next thing you see is "In Order to Continue Reading Please Provide the Information Requested" or something along those lines.  That has always seemed a little disingenuous to us, and frankly in this day and age of Identity Theft, Online Fraud, providing your information to be Sold to other sites, and every other nasty happenstance you can imagine, we simply don't want to use them as a means to construct a database.  The reason we're so adamant about this is not because we think it's illegal (It's Not), or not because we think it's nefarious (It's Not), but because we're old-fashioned.  We'd like to build our following not by using a mild form of coercion like "Squeeze Pages" but rather through Grass-Roots followings and practices.  In short, we'd like our followers to follow us because they WANT to and not because of some little "slight-of hand" means of getting you to follow along whether you wanted to or not.  Take a look at our website for more information. We're different. We're   #realestate #squeezepage #datamining #databasebuilding #buyingrealestate #sellingrealestate #propertyguerilla #contactinformation #personalinformation