3D printed Home AND net-Zero to Boot? SOLD!

3D printed Home AND net-Zero to Boot?  SOLD!

Home building, affordable home building, innovative home building, and sustainable homebuilding had all seemed to have come together when the concept of 3D Printed home construction became a reality several years ago.  For whatever reason these homes have not yet become an everyday occurrence, but with innovation like the kind touted here by an Oakland, CA based tech company called Mighty Buildings may put us one step closer to making this more of a reality!  In September of this year the company completed construction the first of a 40-home community in Desert Hot Springs that they claim to be 3D printed AND Zero-Net home that produces as much energy as it consumes!  The initial model shown in the images here is 1,179 square feet with two bedrooms and two baths made predominantly from the printed construction material that the company calls "Light Stone".  This material is purported by Mighty Buildings to be a concrete alternative with Four times as much tensile and flexural strength, in addition to being 30% less weight and CO2 than its' traditional counterpart.  The innovation doesn't end as the company says that "Light Stone" also has better thermal qualities despite being lighter but possessing the same characteristics as stone thereby reducing energy consumption.  In addition to this, the smart-Home technology features, the integrated technology of the components such as the metal roof, individual panel insulation and floor to ceiling windows combine to produce the Zero-Net designation.  We've been a fan of the possibilities presented by the marriage 3D Printing and Home construction, but this one has really got us intrigued and hopeful for mainstream acceptance and affordability.  Stay tuned as we plan to follow and provide updates when they are available!  #realestate #sustainablerealestate #3dprintedhomes #mightybuildings #propertyguerilla #zeronet #netzero #realtor #lightstone #affordablehousing  

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