There are "Notifications" and then there are "Notifications"

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We keep saying we're different at and maybe the best way to demonstrate how is with a simple image.  Our goal is the same as yours; to find the real estate need specifically tailored for your needs, but we just go about it a little different is all.  Waiting for Notifications from traditional real estate websites or from your Realtor® or Agent from their respective MLS Board are literally all the same based on your specifications.  Worse than that, they are the same ones that everyone else gets who happens to be looking in the same area and price range that you are, so it boils down to who reads them and acts upon them first.  Here's how our Notifications are different, and it really is this simple.  You create a discrete post stating with as much or as little detail as you prefer what you Want to Buy or Want to Rent (WTB/WTR).  The basic post is geared toward the base questions asked in what we call "Sales 101" and will include what you want and where, when you want it, and what you're willing to spend.  If you wish to include more to make sure responses are closer to your target, that's great, if you prefer to paint using more broad strokes and keep the criteria to a minimum, that's great too.  The most interesting part?  Your WTB/WTR post will be visible to anyone on the website, but it will only show your "Screen Name" so you don't become part of someone's database, and because there's no requirement to provide your personal contact information to become a User at, so you're not part of ours either.  We're all about disclosure, so let's be sure to understand to get Notifications via e-mail or SMS Text we do need one or both of those contacts.  We're really good at what we do, but we still haven't figured that one out yet!  If you don't want to give your contact information but still want to use the service, great!  With just your Screen Name and your password you get full access to the website and Dashboard which gives you your own dedicated InBox, so even without the use of our Notifications, you STILL have direct access to anyone that replies!  What this means in the real world is also pretty unique in that literally ANYONE can answer your post!  If you're a Seller, a potential Seller, one of those folks who've said "you know for the right amount and right circumstances I'd consider selling" (and we ALL Know someone like that), someone who knows that their neighbor or relative is considering entering the market, a Realtor® or an Agent, a Broker, (you get the message) you're free to respond.  That's it.  Discrete and Direct communication based on what YOU need, not what everyone else needs.  Once you get one of our Notifications you can sit back and respond at your leisure because there's a pretty good chance no one else got the same one.  Now that's what we call different.  Go to our website and take a look, we're different and that's just the way we like it.  #realestate #wanttobuy #wanttorent #propertyguerilla #notifications #alerts #buyingrealestate #sellingrealestate #buyers #sellers #rentals