Solar Game Changer!

Could we be seeing a "eureka" moment in the area of residential solar power?  Residential lending giant Rocket MortgageĀ® has dove head-first into the residential solar power market with the creation of Rocket SolarĀ® and has made access as easy as a few clicks away for many who have shied away due to the upfront cost of solar installation.  The website by the same name is easy to use and gives you an estimate of cost and potential savings within minutes, with approval that claims to be same day, if not sooner.  Residential solar power has always had a few knocks, but top of the list has always been cost.  Early attempts to overcome this was by companies that offered long-term lease programs for solar systems, but they were cumbersome and figuring out how to deal with them in the event of a sale was quite an obstacle.  What is being done here is a low-interest loan amortized over 25 years (with the ability for pre-payment) that allows just about any qualified Buyer the ability to investigate and potentially acquire a solar PV system for their property, and most importantly keeping it affordable.  Folks, if you've considered solar power but were frightened off by the upfront cost, this may be your chance to finally climb that mountain!  #SolarPower #ResidentialSolar #AlternativeEnergy #PropertyGuerilla #RocketSolar #RocketMortgage #GreenEnergy #RenewableEnergy    

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