200 Homes. 14,000 Interested Parties. Good Problem to Have. Bad Problem to Have.

There's a new community outside of San Diego slated to open its first phase later this year with pre-sales beginning in June. It is called "3Roots" located in Mira Mesa, CA. Only 200 homes are expected to be delivered this year, from the total of 1,800 by 2025, has an interest list of already 14,000 people. Obviously, a good problem to have, but in this day and age selecting 200 from 14,000+ persons of interest is surely going to ruffle some feathers and lead people to say "How did he/she/they get picked and not me?" 

As the housing shortage continues this is not going to be an uncommon story either.  So if you're planning to buy, be prepared for such a situation and if you're planning to develop, then you REALLY need to be prepared for such a situation. Having more interest than you have product has always been a "good problem to have" but when it gets to proportions like this with a political and social climate that we are in, that "good problem" could easily turn south if not handled perfectly, and we do mean perfectly. Stories like this simply validate one of the primary reasons we created and made real estate shopping done through the eyes of the Buyer, which also allows literally ANYONE to be a Seller regardless of whether you property is publicly listed, privately listed, or not listed at all. 

In fact, if you've only "kicked around the idea" of selling and entering the frenzy like the one described above is not your cup of tea then give us a try. All we want to do is create a funnel for Buyers, Sellers, Realtors, Agents, Brokers, and anyone with an eye on real estate. We're not a brokerage. We do not list properties. We do not collect or sell data. We are a forum. A private and discrete forum for all things Real Estate. Want to learn more? Visit and watch our video on the Home Page, and if you still want to hear more e-mail us direct at, or call us at 10833-647-HOME (4663). 

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