And We have a New Contestant on The Discount Real Estate Services Game Show...Welcome Rocket Mortgage®

It seems that the waiting game is one that Rocket Mortgage® is not willing to play as they announce that they are jumping head first into both iBuying and discount real estate services in an effort to "combine every aspect of home selling and buying into one simple, customizable platform." Rocket® says it plans to unveil their "Remote Agent" platform by the 4th quarter of 2021 wherein you can employ the services of a licensed, albeit remote agent, for a 1.5% commission versus the industry standard of 2.5%-3% currently offered to selling agents.

More to come as all of the details for this option remain unclear, but suffice it to say the discount brokerage game just got another shot in the arm. They also plan to unveil their iBuying program details that will be, in part "facilitated through third-party partner companies." Again, the details of both remain vague but it's important to note, ESPECIALLY to Realtors® and Brokers that these companies are coming for you. You may be sitting back and thinking that all of this has had no effect on your business, but it's important to note that for the last 20 months there has been an unprecedented chain of events that has helped fuel your ongoing success.

When rates correct, the covid fear effect is reduced, and the economy falters, people will begin to look for options. Just remember, we at are not only on YOUR side, but our service and website was built with all of this in mind. Contact us directly using or call us at 833-647-HOME to learn how to use our service to safely and securely enhance your business...for less than the cost of one stamp per day.

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