Yellen Sees Further Pressure on Would Be Home Buyers

As housing inventory continues to dwindle and prices continue to surge, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has expressed more concern based on the pattern of sharply increasing inflation and how it could further add to the woes of the overall real estate market. She has said that short term inflation is going to continue to rise briskly, but her concerns for the "medium term" are less apparent. Thankfully, she indicated they're going to "...keep a careful eye on it." 

Thus far inflation can only be described as rampant, citing the following facts: "The consumer price index, which measures costs for a wide range of items, increased 5.4% in June, the fastest pace in nearly 13 years. Excluding food and energy, the gauge rose 4.5%, the fastest acceleration in nearly 30 years. Prices that goods and services producers receive for their products jumped 7.3%, a record for data going back to 2010." It seems housing is going to continue to struggle for first-time, credit challenged, and lower income buyers regardless, but these inflationary figures are only going to make matters worse. 

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