Thinking of Buying Without a Home Without a Realtor®? It's Not as Easy as it Sounds

According to the National Association of Realtors® 2020 Profile of Buyers and Sellers, only 6% of Buyers purchased a home without using the services of a Realtor®. Thought it would be more? Surprise! When we created it was done not to eliminate Realtors® (in fact we strongly recommend the use of them), but it was to re-think that way people communicate when searching for a property as well as re-imagine the very way to search for property. Let's be very clear, as a Buyer OR a Seller there is nothing that states one MUST use a Realtor®, but it's very obvious that real estate transactions and the process leading up to a successful closing is very complicated, time consuming, and is about as industry specific as any exercise you can imagine. 

Our site takes every opportunity to encourage people to use Realtors® for these very reasons, but we know that there are those who will choose their own path regardless. For those who chose to go that route, it is also strongly recommended to use an Attorney to assist with the transaction. In truth even if you do use a Realtor® the services of an Attorney should always be considered as well. How can you get the best of both worlds? The potential for paying less if real estate commissions are not factored into the sale price is always viewed as the "Golden Carrot" for Buyers forging ahead without one. One of the things we advocate on our site is for Realtors® to have the ability to offer their services commensurate with their engagement in the transaction. How is this accomplished? There are many ways for sure, but in the most glaring example, let's say that a potential Buyer and Seller find one another using our re-vamped method of home shopping, negotiate what they deem to be a fair price and terms, thus eliminating much of the needed services of a Realtor® and using them to facilitate the transaction and guide the process as a Transaction Broker. 

The same study cited above the average real estate commission is 6% and is typically paid by the Seller to each participating Agent their agreed upon commission split (usually 3% each). Could a "flat rate" or reduced commission be a better option to facilitate the transaction as the customary expenses and exercises performed by both Listing and Selling Agents? Of course it can! Again, we're not trying to advocate for anything other than new ways to actually find property and creative ways to reduce buying and selling expenses whenever possible, all the while keeping the fees charged commensurate with the level of involvement and services rendered. Realtors® work EXTREMELY hard and it's not nearly as easy as it looks on these ridiculous TV shows, and they are as valuable a commodity as you can have when either selling or buying a property. That said, utilizing one in a reduced, but incredibly important capacity, could also result in savings for everyone while still offering a fair payment for services rendered. Think about it! If you have any further questions or comments take a look at our FAQ's, or you can e-mail us direct at because we'd love to hear them!  

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