What Can be Done to Increase Low Housing Inventory

Right now, and for the past several months, the housing market has been a beacon on the overall economy. As a result of historic low interest rates which have been spurred by economic recovery efforts put forth by The Fed (Federal Reserve Board) due to the covid pandemic, this has had a not so surprising effect: near historic low inventory, and of course the price increases which typically follow. Inventory is combined of new construction as well as re-sales, so if they are being bought faster than they can be listed or built is there anything that can be done? 

The author of the attached article suggests a plan with Government involvement at the Federal level to allocate money to States to work with Builders and essentially continue to allow them to want to build in the face of a downturn, higher interest rates, lower demand, etc. It seems a noble cause, but then the author describes why this won't happen either, and frankly we agree that it won't and more importantly CAN'T happen. You know, we at are based on the simple concept that everyone waiting for houses to be listed or built and then advertised in the usual places creates even MORE competition, higher prices, and all of the heartache that goes along with both. 

Imagine a website where potential Buyers and Renters can post their needs to a wide audience from which anyone can respond. Then imagine potential Sellers and Landlords either responding directly with properties, listed or not...heck, maybe not even For Sale or For Rent yet but they've been toying with the idea and along comes this? Imagine a RealtorĀ® or an Agent seeing a potential Buyer or Renter to whom they can offer a "pocket listing" or "coming soon" or just a property for which they know would be a candidate one way or another. Literally the possibilities are endless as to who can respond, which by the way is 100% private, and how the parties can communicate links, no re-directs, no "squeeze pages" just direct and discrete communication. 

Our goal is to create a real estate forum driven by those seeking real estate and being answered DIRECTLY by those who may have it to offer! Not enough inventory? Our solution...CREATE YOUR OWN! Remember, sometimes the best deal is the one no one knows about. Want to learn more? Take a look at this QUICK VIDEO explaining how works because it's about time there was a site dedicated to everyone interested in real estate! If you have more questions e-mail us direct at and we'll be happy to answer any additional questions. 

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