How Much Longer for the "Traditional Brokerage" Model?

This post is specifically dedicated to our Realtor® friends who are growing in numbers because we've had an artificially created market boom since Spring of last year, and the promise of "easy money" has them growing in ranks. Guess what? When people see that simply listing a house on the MLS these days generates multiple offers on the same day, they're eventually going to start asking the same question; "Why did I just pay 6% for that?"

At times we often ask the same thing reading some of these accounts and reviews, but then we remind ourselves that being a Realtor®, Broker, or Agent is truly hard work and not everyone is cut out for it. One of our goals when we created was to give everyone, and we mean everyone, a place to create a forum to communicate about real estate and allow for non-traditional search methods to be used to encourage participation from non-traditional sources.

This was especially true for Realtors®, Brokers, and Agents because we wanted to create a venue that was focused on dispelling the perception that far too many have about the profession and those in it. Creating a platform that enables open and direct communication was intended to lead to more competitive methods and pricing for services rendered among industry professionals. Imagine, being paid a commission that was commensurate to the level of service provided, who could imagine such a thing.

We've heard every argument and excuse in the book about why Realtors® and Brokers won't negotiate or reduce their commissions. Guess what, not only isn't the public catching on, so is the Department of Justice, and so are companies like Houwzer® and pretty soon the boom will end and it will be back to business as usual. The MOST important thing in the real estate industry is communication, and that's what we've built. And we've built it for everyone.

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