Everything! We're trying to streamline the process for potential Buyers or Tenants to broadcast their Buying or Rental needs to a wide audience. Potential Sellers, Landlords, Realtors, and Property Managers can respond directly with as much information as they wish. *The more specific and relevant the potential Seller response, the more likely they'll get a response back!
When creating your Profile you can indicate whether you wish to receive e-mail and/or SMS/Text notifications when someone responds to your WTB/WTR post. E-Mail addresses and Mobile Phone Numbers are strictly OPTIONAL and are to be given ONLY if you wish to receive notifications. If you don't wish to provide your personal contact information, you can simply use your dedicated InBox found in your Dashboard to correspond directly and discretely with other PropertyGuerilla users.
When creating your Profile you can indicate whether you wish to receive e-mail and/or SMS/Text notifications when a WTB/WTR post is created for an area you wish to follow. E-Mail addresses and Mobile Phone Numbers are strictly OPTIONAL and are to be given ONLY if you wish to receive notifications. If you don't wish to provide them, simply use your dedicated InBox in your Dashboard.
The only requirement to post or reply as an Individual User to a Want to Buy (WTB) or Want to Rent (WTR) post will be to activate your personal Dashboard to receive responses to your InBox. NO e-mail address or mobile phone number is required for registration. E-mail addresses and phone numbers are an OPTIONAL field if you would like to receive a Notification or Reminder that you have received a message in your dedicated InBox. This is not an effort to build a database, sell, share, or collect contact information which is why the e-mail and phone number fields remain at your discretion...Above all else we respect your desire for privacy.
No. The service is 100% FREE to Individual Users (Buyers/Tenants and Sellers/Landlords). For Realtors® and other Industry Professionals, there is nominal monthly subscription described below in FAQ.
There is a Resource Center tab leading to a directory so you can pick and choose at your discretion based on the information provided by that person/entity regarding their qualifications and services offered. For Example: "John Q. Public, Realtor: I can act as a Facilitator to this transaction for a set fee or reduced commission percentage, etc."
There is NO annual contract and there are two tiers of subscription types, Realtors and Industry Professionals (Separately Categorized in the Resource Center) 1) Realtor subscription is $14.95 per month via PayPal. 2) All other industry professionals/vendors are also billed at the same $14.95 per month via PayPal.
Absolutely! The site functions the EXACT same way for potential Tenants/Renters and potential Landlords, Owners, Realtors, and Property Managers.
No. This is not a typical Seller driven website showcasing properties that are already advertised FOR SALE or FOR LEASE. Potential Buyers/Tenants post WTB (Want To Buy) or WTR (Want To Rent) requests for ANY potential properties they would like to purchase or rent and potential Sellers/Landlords can reply directly based on the information requested. Whether the property is formally listed for sale or rent has no bearing regarding the use of this site. Your response to a potential Buyer is specific to that WTB (Want To Buy) or WTR (Want To Rent) post. If you wish to include links to photos, links to videos, etc., you should do so in your response via a file sharing service (examples below). We chose this method to ensure the site runs quicker so as to maintain faster page load and response times. *We STRONGLY recommend using file sharing services like DropBox, GoogleDrive, SendSpace, etc. to send content to potential Buyers to ensure your information is received. Using a file sharing service allows you to the flexibility to send as much information as you like!
No. Many Potential Sellers/Landlords do not wish to formally list their property for one reason or another. This enables ANY potential Seller/Landlord the opportunity to respond to a WTB (Want To Buy) or WTR (Want To Rent) post.
Each WTB (Want To Buy) or WTR (Want To Rent) post comes accompanied by a REPLY TO POST button that will link to the potential Buyers private InBox. Potential Sellers will also be directed to create a personal Dashboard to access their own private InBox for all future correspondence within www.PropertyGuerilla.com.
No. The potential Seller/Landlord and Potential Buyer/Tenant will communicate directly through their dedicated InBox created in their personal Dashboard. Their responses will remain confidential until both the potential Buyer/Tenant and the potential Seller/Landlord determine their response and property submission to be appropriate. *Once a potential Buyer/Tenant and a potential Seller/Landlord have established the possibility for a transaction to become more realistic they should arrange to communicate directly.
No. The choice to employ the services of a Realtor is STRONGLY recommended, but not a requirement for any or all of your potential transaction. That decision is left solely to the discretion of the potential Buyer or Tenant.
No. Same as above, the decision to employ the services of a Realtor is solely at the discretion of the potential Seller/Landlord. *This is no way intended to advocate for or against the use of Realtors, however the sale transaction process itself can be complicated and the use of a real estate professional (Realtor, Title Closer, Real Estate Lawyer, etc.) is STRONGLY recommended, even if in only a limited capacity.
Your WTB or WTR post will remain active until you choose to either Edit it Or Delete it. We strongly recommend that if you haven't received favorable or adequate responses to your Post that you consider editing the content before deleting.
As a potential Buyer/Tenant or Seller/Landlord the only things required to create your personal Dashboard will be User Name and Password for your dedicated Inbox. This site is intended to act as a portal ONLY to connect Buyers and Sellers who might not ever have reason to correspond.
Like sites that focus on Sellers/Landlords who have properties available and/or listed for sale or rent, the information you provide will be “self-policing”. In short, if your WTB (Want To Buy) or WTR (Want To Rent) request is so far out of line or unrealistic it can’t or won’t be taken seriously, you will get very little, if any, response. *Just like sites that have properties available for sale or rent, a Seller/Landlord having an asking price that is so unrealistic and out of line won't have anyone take it seriously, respond, or even inquire about the property. Guess what? As a potential Buyer/Tenant, the same thing can happen. If your WTB (Want To Buy) or WTR (Want To Rent) posts are so unrealistic for one reason or another, they will not be taken seriously and responses will likely be minimal.
Yes. And you can even post WTB (Want To Buy) or WTR (Want To Rent) notices for yourself on behalf potential clients. You will first be directed to the Subscription page before being able to do so, we do not want Realtors using our site for "fishing expeditions" or database building, data mining, etc.. A nominal subscription fee will allow you to respond as well as post your own potential WTB (Want To Buy) or WTR (Want To Rent) needs, or those of potential customers. Upon completion of your subscription you will use a dedicated Realtor/Industry Professional Response button to indicate your status as a Realtor. Based on your response to the potential Buyer, they can either respond or not, so try to be as relevant in your response as possible. This nominal monthly subscription fee will demonstrate to potential Buyers/Tenants and Sellers/Landlords that you take your business seriously, and you are interested in new ways of establishing relationships and doing business.
Many reasons! Realtors can use this service as a more effective means of communicating their Buyer needs to a wider audience! This is also a great chance for Realtors to showcase Private or Pocket listings when an appropriate WTB (Want To Buy) or WTR (Want To Rent) post appears. By following other Cities, States, and Zip Codes where you have colleagues this is also a GREAT Referral tool! In addition, many people will use the services of a Realtor even if they have used this site, just as they do now with traditional real estate listing based sites. www.PropertyGuerilla.com will also be another valuable resource for Realtors to engage potential FSBO, Expired, or Withdrawn properties. Individual users will potentially seek out the services of a Realtor after having have used this site, which we STRONGLY recommend! Negotiations can also include compensation based on the transactional level of service agreed upon and can actually enhance or streamline their careers. With all of the new websites sprouting up every day seeking to take the place of Realtors, www.PropertyGuerilla.com is looking to encourage you to customize your services to a whole new audience!
Report him/her to the appropriate MLS Board, County, State, or National Board of Realtors as they are required legally and ethically to identify themselves as a Realtor in any inquiry regarding real estate transaction, even if it is a property they own. In many States/Counties, even if the Realtor is only related to the Seller or Buyer, they are required to disclose that as well. *Make it easy on yourselves Realtors, use the REALTOR RESPONSE button and avoid even the appearance of impropriety! *Also, if a Realtor is in fact a potential Seller for a property he or she owns, they still have a requirement to identify themselves as such.
You simply need to log into your individual PayPal account and "Unsubscribe" from there.
Not even close. While the FSBO (For Sale By Owner) has long been a part of the real estate market, there is still one thing that is needed to use a service like that; you have to advertise your property for sale. At PropertyGuerilla.com your property NEVER has to be listed for sale, either by owner or through a Realtor via the MLS. You can simply monitor WTB (Want to Buy) requests and respond to only those that you deem to be appropriate.