is the first Real Estate website dedicated to the needs of Buyers and Renters by creating a private communication forum open to all users. Here’s how it works (and it REALLY is this simple):

    • Go to the Dashboard icon from the main task bar and set up your account to create and send posts and receive messages in your personal InBox. All you’ll need to do is create a User-Name and Password…NO e-mail address is required, EVER. (The other typical websites have one common and irreplaceable obtain your PERSONAL CONTACT INFORMATION either for themselves or to be delivered to the "Highest Bidder")!

    • Then go to the Post icon on the main task bar and select either Want to Buy (WTB) for potential Buyers or Want to Rent (WTR) for potential Tenants and just follow the prompts and the easy to use instructions.

    • Potential Sellers or Landlords will also follow those same steps and then search Buyer or Tenant posts by City, State, Zip Code, etc. and respond only to those that are appropriate for you.

    • Your personal InBox will be found in your Dashboard which enables you to send and receive messages directly and discretely with other users.

    • If you wish to receive notifications of Responses to your Want to Buy or Want to Rent posts via e-mail or SMS Text you can do so in your Profile page at any time! Again, this is 100% optional as your e-mail address or mobile phone number will NEVER be required.

One of the most cumbersome internet searches involves real estate, and most sites are good at finding new ways to feature the same properties. Many people use those types of sites for more than finding homes; some look for design trends, ideas on places they might want to live, or any number of reasons other than to buy or sell Real Estate.

But, if you truly want to find a property that fits your criteria, then why not have that property find you! is designed to have potential Sellers contact you discretely after reading your individual Want To Buy (WTB) or Want To Rent (WTR) post and allowing the results to come directly to your personal Inbox instead of wasting countless hours looking at the same properties over and over. Or, if you want to potentially sell your property but not go through the “normal” routines, our site was created for you. This site is dedicated to changing the way we search Real Estate as well offer new avenues for potential Sellers.

As stated in our FAQ’s, if you haven’t already read them, we are not trying to advocate anything other than creating an open forum of communication between potential Buyers, Sellers, Tenants, Landlords, and Realtors®. Each party will be given a private Inbox in their own personal Dashboard. Once established, the written communication is 100% direct and 100% Private between the parties, and what happens from that point on is entirely up to them. Open communication breeds competition and was designed to open this process to everyone. If you want more insight, write us at or follow us on social media. But no matter where you are, you can bet things will be VERY different from now on.